To Nick who did the garden whilst I sat in my study and did the book, thanks for all your hard work.
R. Harris. Author. Hungerford, Berks.

The transformation from disused farmyard to contemporary living space is unbelievable. Thanks for your vision and hard work.
J. Miller .Brackley, Bucks.

Nick’s assistance has been invaluable enabling the company to achieve overall planning aims swiftly in what, at times, were highly complicated circumstances. We have worked on listed buildings and ancient monuments, in green belt and areas of historical importance. We have worked together on projects throughout the country in England, Scotland and Wales. No job has ever been too large or too small, Nick has never let us down.
D. Lobb. Estates Director. Clarenco LLP, High Wycombe, Bucks.

Nick’s transparent approach, design brilliance and adaptability are without question, the work he has done for us over the last nine years is now maturing into a masterpiece.
A. Wood. CEO WCI. Marlborough, Wilts.

In budget, on time, built to an exacting standard, I have no problem recommending Nick to any prospective client.
M. Fitzgerald QC. Marlborough, Wilts.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Nick over the last two years, his skills and ability go far beyond his undoubted technical expertise. He has a comprehensive understanding of the company’s key drivers and his advice on landscaping strategy, grounds maintenance and development demonstrate the extent of his knowledge. His attention to detail including costings, quantities, contract management and negotiation are second to none.
J Miller. Finance Director Clarenco LLP, High Wycombe, Bucks.

Our front driveway entrance is such a transformation with contemporary hard landscaping and an array of all year round colour from the plants.
S Wheatley - Silverstone